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Storytown – A complimentary family IMPROV event at the Cube Park, Saturday August 8

FUNDAY always looks for the best kids activities to bring to our families and if you don’t know Storytown, oh well… you should!

This time FUNDAY is inviting all families for a complimentary fun event filled with games and laughs in the Cube Park at Westfield Old Orchard.

Come join us on Saturday August 8 from 3pm to 4pm as we challenge creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. There are no mistakes, only fun!

This special event introduce kids to the basic fundamentals (and fun) of improvisation and theater. They will get moving with an array of interactive games that will stretch their bodies, voices and imaginations. It will tickle their funny bone and get them in on the act.
The kids will experience laughter and silliness as they play and work together to become an Improv team.

Please note:

*** The grass in the Cube Park area will be marked with appropriate signage for social distancing.
*** FUNDAY will welcome families on a first-come first-serve basis to take the pre-marked spots on the grass. If all spots are taken we will not allow your family to be in the grass. We ask for your understanding of the current circumstances.
*** The use of masks will be required on the grass where the event is taking place.

For more information call us at (847) 410-7690 or email

We can’t wait to see you!