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Pom Squad Thursdays After School Cheer Leading Dance

Are you into Pom Squads? Cheers? Jojo Siwa? Then, this class is for you!

Join us every Thursday after school for a fun class.

This class, lead by Chicago Loves Dance instructors. Students from all levels are invited!

Love it? We do! And can’t wait!

Space is limited so early registration is recommended. Register on the links below or call us at :
(847) 410-7690

Age group: 3-12 years old
Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Drop-in: $25/class
$20/class when you purchase 4 or more classes.

*** Check-out available at 6:00 pm for an additional $10 fee (if you need more time, we are open until 8pm – after 6:00pm regular drop-off rates apply).

About the collaboration:
Chicago Loves Dance was founded to provide a fun dance experience to children throughout Chicago and its surrounding suburbs!
With more than 15 years of technical dance experience, Cindy Leske has been one of the top requested instructors at several dance studios. She has danced at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City and has earned many awards for her original choreography and dance skills. While her technical talent is superb, Cindy also has a dynamic personality which makes her a hit with children of all ages!
Her ability to captivate and keep the attention of all kids does not go unnoticed.

Drop-in November 1st

Drop-in November 8th

Drop-in November 15th

Drop-in November 29th