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Our Founders

Co-founders and friends, Bela and Kiki met in Chicago and bonded over a mutual love of shopping. Soon they realized they share many things in common, including a Brazilian background, a law degree and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Being both moms of very energetic kids they always talked about how hard it is to drag the kids to the mall and how it becomes inevitably stressful for the parents.

With that in mind they strived to create a win-win concept for both parents and kids, a space designed for kids to have fun while parents have a joyful experience at the mall.

FUNDAY was born. A boutique play space, unique in design, inviting, exciting and most importantly, full of super cool and fun activities.

At FUNDAY they are committed to providing a rewarding experience for your kids under a professionally supervised play space fully dedicated to never miss the opportunity of making the kids smile!