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July activities at FUNDAY

During the month of July FUNDAY will continue offering 2 hr sessions upon reservation only – NO WALK-INS will be accepted.

Each session is designed for a minimum of 5 kids and a maximum of 10. In the event we have less than 5 kids registered, sessions won’t happen and parents will be notified by us

Upon registration you will receive an email with more information on guidelines and procedures we will be adopting during this phase. As always, if you have any questions, please, contact us at

Come join us  as we have prepared some special summer projects that will surely brighten up your day.

Choose from the following options:
Morning session (Monday-Saturday 11am-1pm / Sundays 12-2pm)
Price: $25/child
Afternoon session (Monday-Saturday 2pm-4pm / Sundays 3pm-5pm)
Price: $25/child

In each session the kids will work on a project  (they will pick from at least 3 options according to their interest) and have playtime including basketball, dance, and board games. Our projects will include: science experiments, clay projects, woodcraft studio, perler bead projects, sand art, coloring etc.  There will be plenty of playful adventures!

For July reservations, please, use the links below – please note that reservations will be open until 8pm the night before. For same day reservations please call us at 847-410-7690 or txt 312-560-5568

Wed July 1 Morning

Wed July 1 Afternoon

Thu July 2 Morning

Thu July 2 Afternoon

Fri July 3 Morning

Fri July 3 Afternoon

Sun July 5 Morning

Sun July 5 Afternoon

Mon July 6 Morning

Mon July 6 Afternoon

Tue July 7 Morning

Tue July 7 Afternoon

Wed July 8 Morning

Wed July 8 Afternoon

Thu July 9 Morning

Thu July 9 Afternoon

Friday July 10 Morning

Friday July 10 Afternoon

Sat July 11 Morning

Sat July 11 Afternoon

Sun July 12 Morning

Sun July 12 Afternoon

Mon July 13 Morning

Mon July 13 Afternoon

Tue July 14 Morning

Tue July 14 Afternoon

Wed July 15 Morning

Wed July 15 Afternoon

Thu July 16 Morning

Thu July 16 Afternoon

Fri July 17 Morning

Fri July 17 Afternoon

Sat July 18 Morning

Sat July 18 Afternoon

Sun July 19 Morning

Sun July 19 Afternoon

Mon July 20 Morning

Mon July 20 Afternoon

Tue July 21 Morning

Tue July 21 Afternoon

Wed July 22 Morning

Wed July 22 Afternoon

Thu July 23 Morning

Thu July 23 Afternoon

Fri July 24 Morning

Fri July 24 Afternoon

Sat July 25 Morning

Sat July 25 Afternoon

Sun July 26 Morning

Sun July 26 Afternoon

Mon July 27 Morning

Mon July 27 Afternoon

Tue July 28 Morning

Tue July 28 Afternoon

Wed July 29 Morning

Wed July 29 Afternoon

Thu July 30 Morning

Thu July 30 Afternoon

Fri July 31 Morning

Fri July 31 Afternoon